Welcome to the Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 adults in the Bailiwick has some level of hearing loss: we have an ageing population, and people are living longer.

The Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association (GHHA) was formed over 32 years ago. We are registered charity number 50. GHHA membership includes not just hard of hearing people but Deaf people who use BSL too.

Please note our website is currently under review so is not actively being updated.

Mission Statement

GHHA is an organisation formed to give help and support to deaf and hard of hearing adults in the Bailiwick, by lobbying for the provision of adequate services; by raising public awareness of the communication and other needs of deaf and hard of hearing individuals; and fundraising for the provision of equipment where individuals cannot provide for it themselves. A full range of activities and outings are arranged every year for the members who enjoy meeting others to share experiences and provide mutual support.’

Each year we host a number of outings and meetings to which everyone is welcome. We try to choose venues that have good acoustics where possible to make communication easier. Link to Forthcoming events page

We are able to offer help and advice about aids to daily living – click here

Do you need a specially adapted fire alarm? – click here

We can also help fund the cost of hearing aids for those who need financial assistance – click here

If you would like to join us please take a look at our membership page – click here