Hearing aids in Guernsey

First, get your hearing tested for free by one of the 5 hearing aid providers in Guernsey. They will be able to explain your results and what options are suitable for your specific hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Audiologists in Guernsey (alphabetically)

Advanced Hearing Services

Mario Cavagnetto at the Grandes Maisons Surgery, St Sampsons.

Tel: 245999 or visit their website

Boots Hearingcare

Marne Lever at Boots, High Street, St Peter Port.

Tel: 0345 270 1600 or visit their website

Hidden Hearing

Biljana Zaharieva at The Guernsey Therapy Group, St Martins.

Tel: 251860 or visit their website

Specsavers Hearing Centre

Julie Chammings in Market Square, St Peter Port

Tel: 723530 or visit their website

Medical Specialist Group

Nel Govender, at Medical Specialist Group, Les Frieteaux, St Martins Tel: 238565 or visit their website

Funding Assistance

If you are in receipt of Supplementary Benefit and would struggle to pay for the hearing aids without assistance you should contact the Social Security Department, Edward T. Wheadon House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3WH (Tel. 01481 732501). Explain that hearing aid(s) have been prescribed and the reasons why you would find it difficult to afford to pay for them yourself. SSD will request information from the hearing aid provider and perhaps ask for further financial information from you. SSD then may or may not award a full or partial grant depending on their evaluation.

If you are not in receipt of Supplementary Benefit, or if the grant awarded is insufficient to pay for the aids that have been prescribed, GHH may be able to help, taking into consideration your individual circumstances.

For further information, or to request funding support, please email us on [email protected]